Between The Lines ~ America’s History Told Through Letters ~

I am excited about this. Author Kristin Horvath has announced her new project. Do you have letters tucked away from another era? She would love for you to send her copies.

Between The Lines ~ America’s History Told Through Letters ~

As the author of “From Heart to Hand, The Lost Art of A Written Letter” not only has the revitalization of a written letter turned into a passion project for me, but the preservation of old letters has as well. I believe letters are a big part of America’s History, with all the information contained in them. I would love to tell their stories, bring to life and learn more about America’s History through the intimate accounts of letters.

If you have any letters tucked away in a box, in your closet or attic, or a drawer collecting dust not really knowing what you are going to do with them, I would love to have copies of them and bring these stories back to life.

Please send copies (originals will not be able to be returned) of letters to:  Kristin Horvath, PO Box 210081, Nashville TN 37221-9998

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