Another Publication!

Look what’s new on my shelf this week:

MO Golf Post

“So You’ve Always wanted to Play Golf, Part II” starts on page 9.  Click here to see the free digital version.

Just in case you missed Part I, click here for that link.

This has been a fun (and very truthful) series to write.  Maybe you’re like me and desperately trying to learn this game or maybe you just need a good belly laugh today.  Don’t give up – read and enjoy.   🙂

And as I say …

Life (and golf) continues on …


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  • Cathy Elliott:

    I really enjoyed your article Debbie and think it is really neat as a couple, that you can combine Tim’s passion with your writing career. Good luck on the golf. I think it is a tough game. I only tried one time and I don’t believe I ever hit the ball.

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